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Last updated, 22nd December, 2009.


5. The membership of the Union shall be composed by national societies and 
transnational organisations with major interest or affiliation in the field of 
biomedical engineering and sciences
National organisations are those who represent national interests in biomedical 
engineering and sciences.
Transnational organisations which may be regional, are those whose membership 
comprises individual members drawn from several countries, national societies 
and/or groups of national societies from two or more countries.

6. Any intending Member of the Union shall present evidence that they are 
carrying on activities in areas relevant to biomedical engineering and sciences by holding regular meetings, 
publishing a journal and maintaining study groups. In addition, such organisation must be non-profit-making, 
must have a constitution and must present a census of membership. Such an organisation shall also apply for 
membership with the requisite application form addressed to the Executive Secretary.

7. The Union grants to every Member organisation the following privileges and rights:
(a) copies of the Union's newsletter for distribution to its members
(b) access to the register of other Member organisations
(c) reduced rates of subscription to the Union's journal or any other publications
(d) reduced registration fees at conferences and other activities when such reductions are provided, for its members
(e) participation in all the activities of the Union
(f) representation on the General Assembly of the Union

8. It shall be the responsibilities of Members to:
(a) disseminate to all their members any Union calls for papers, news releases, conference notices or 
 other materials for general circulation
(b) supply the Union with information on their own meetings and activities
(c) notify changes of their executives / officers, constitution or delegates to the Executive Secretary
(d) pay their subscriptions as at when due.

9. Membership of the Union may be terminated:
(a) by resignation of member organisation, subject to a six-month notice in writing to the Executive Secretary to this effect;
(b) by default in the payment of subscriptions to the Union for up to four years;  or
(c) by expulsion, by two-thirds majority of the General Assembly, on the grounds of professional misconduct.