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Last updated, 22nd December, 2009.



General Meeting, June 11, 2003

This meeting was convened mainly to propose and endorse AUBES. Fifty-seven persons attended the meeting from nine different countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Zimbabwe and U.S.A.

The proposal for formation of AUBES was formally made. Several reasons for the Union were articulated with the main one being "to produce a common front necessary to make policy decisions in the profession of biomedical engineering and sciences in Africa".

The meeting considered a few concerns and equivocations especially as this type of organisation had existed in the past without the financial and professional zeal to sustain them. At the end every attendee agreed that AUBES is necessary for Africa to forge a common front in biomedical engineering and sciences.

The proposal for the formation of AUBES was finally overwhelmingly endorsed. Following this a Working Committee was constituted to form an interim Governing Council for AUBES having a set Terms of Reference.