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Last updated, 22nd December, 2009.



Working Committee Meeting, June 15, 2003

Most of the Working Committee (WC) times were used to form the structure and draft the constitution of AUBES. The meeting considered the issue of language for the Union. The WC resolved that the official languages of AUBES should be English and French. So while meetings shall hold in English, there should be effort for interpretation from English to French.

Awareness campaign is to commence and should be especially geared towards encouraging African countries to form their own biomedical engineering societies which in turn should register with AUBES.

The Union's logo, letter-headed paper, stamp and seal were proposed. An official email and website were provided by the Secretary, Engr. Dr. K. I. Nkuma-Udah as and .

An official Inauguration for AUBES was tentatively fixed between 1st and 4th July, 2004 to hold in Accra, Ghana which is expected to hold concurrently with the 1st International Conference and General Assembly of the Union.