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The proposal for the formation of African Union of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences was
presented by Engr.Dr. K. I. Nkuma-Udah, Executive Director, Nigerian Institute for Biomedical
Engineering (NIBE) for and on behalf of NIBE Nigeria on the 11th June, 2003. The meeting to
propose AUBES was convened following a series of consultations initiated by participants from NIBE
Nigeria during a medical equipment training organised by International Aid, between 2nd and 27th
June, 2003 at the Valley View University, Oyibi-Accra, Ghana.

The proposal articulated reasons for the formation of the union. It suggested a mission statement
and objectives for the Union which were later adopted as the substantive mission and objectives of
AUBES respectively.

The proposal as presented to the meeting is the following


At the International level, there has been an increasing number of applications 
of engineering and physical science theories and techniques to biological and 
medical research and practice with Africa making little or no contribution. It is 
more surprising to note that virtually every biomedical equipment that we use 
in Africa is calibrated with respect to the Euro-American environment and with 
no consideration the African region.

The reason is obvious. Africa has hardly positioned a common front necessary 
to make policy decisions in the profession of biomedical engineering. Futhermore, 
our leaders seem to be more comfortable in receiving international aids than in 
looking inwards for the development of their nations. They tend to forget the 
Chinese adage that states that "if you give a child fish, you feed him for a day; 
but if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for ever".

Fellows Africans, we want to feed forever. Thank God for this opportunity 
provided by International Aid. Consequently, we propose a vehicle with which 
African biomedical engineers and scientists are going to make themselves 
relevant in the scheme of International Affairs. This vehicle shall be called 
"African Union of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences". And we are the road 
on which this vehicle shall ply.


The Mission of the African Union of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences (AUBES) 
shall be :
"To develop and advance the biomedical, health and well-being of African 
Nations through  the use of modern as well as affordable and appropriate 


.To promote the development of biomedical engineering and sciences in Africa.
.To support and coordinate the activities of member organisations in AUBES.
.To build capacity and broaden competencies in healthcare technology, 
maintenance and management for member organisations.
.To advance collaboration between national and transnational societies, 
industry, government and non-government organisations engaged in 
healthcare and in   biomedical research and its applications in Africa.
.To provide appropriate policy guidelines in professional, educational and 
ethical matters.
.To encourage and assist in the formation of organisations for biomedical 
engineering and sciences where such organisations do not exist.

Engr. K.I.Nkuma-Udah
For and on Behalf of NIBE Nigeria.