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Working Committee

A Working Committee was set up with the following Terms of Reference:

  • To constitute an interim governing body for AUBES for a period of one year from the date of inauguration.
  • To source for the initial take-off funds for the union.
  • To draft and propose a constitution for AUBES.
  • To organise an Inaugural meeting for the union at the end of its one year tenure.
  • To conduct elections for AUBES

The Working Committee was constituted on the 11th of June 2003 and later expanded on the 22nd of January 2004. Most recently, the Working Committee was on the 2nd of December, 2006 expanded to involve more countries. The comprehensive list of the Working Committee is as follows:

. D. Allison-Denteh, Ghana  - Chairman
. N. Kanengoni, Zimbabwe  - Vice Chairman
. K. I. Nkuma-Udah, Nigeria  - Secretary
. E. Enyi, Nigeria  - Financial Secretary
. N. E. Debo, D.R.Congo  - Representative
. T. J. P. Dengali, D. R. Congo  - Representative
. P. N. Muyembi,DR Congo - Representative
. J. Gyinah - Nukuteh, Ghana - Representative
. H. K. N. Mbiniih, Ghana - Representative
. I. Arkoh, Ghana - Representative
. W. K. Brown, Ghana - Representative
. P. Githui, Kenya  - Representative
. H. Z. Goaneh, Liberia  - Representative
. A. O. Adetoye, Nigeria  - Representative
. B. O. Adele, Nigeria  - Representative
. G. I. Ndubuka, Nigeria  - Representative
. I. Okebalam, Nigeria - Representative
. W. S. S. Nicol, Sierra Leone - Representative
. S. M. Bangura, Sierra Leone  - Representative
. Fathia El-Refaei, Egypt - Representative
. Mario Forjaz Secca, Mozambique - Representative
. Paul Guaye, Senegal - Representative
. David A. Boonzaier (BME), South Africa - Representative
.William Rae (MP), South Africa - Representative
. Ibrahim Idris Suliman, Sudan - Representative